David Fischer

In August of 1986 I came into the world weighing in at 5.5 lbs. Small yes, but I soon learned to dream big. I was raised by parents who spent their honeymoon backpacking and hitchhiking through Yellowstone National Park. janet and pat With my first steps I began to explore the natural world and my own limits. I found them quickly at age two, receiving my first of 14 injuries requiring stitches. jump Receiving my first bike I embarked on a lifetime of outdoor pursuits, even if the first ride was to end of the driveway.1 13

Looking back at childhood photos I’m the kid out farthest on the branch, always pushing further and faster. 1 9

My life soon progressed into a tapestry of outdoor activities. Waterskiing by age six, backpacking at nine I spent every moment I could in the outdoors. Thankfully I have parents that enjoyed the outdoors and encouraged my brother and I to pursue our own ambitions of adventure.1 11 As soon as I became proficient in one activity I moved on the next in rapid fire succession. Skiing on snow and water, snowboarding, kayaking, sailing and surfing, rock climbing and mountaineering, biking on the roads and trails, backpacking and hiking….you name it I do it with a singular dedication and passion that eclipses all reason. I’ve slept in my car more nights than I’d like to admit, hiked the grand canyon at sunrise, slept above a thunderstorm in Nepal, surfed a hurricane swell, driven across the United States multiple times, ridden a motorcycle along the Pakistani border and lived more in my 28 years than I thought possible. My passion for the outdoors and adventure has lead me to travel through 48 states, most of Europe, India and Nepal. Somewhere in between all the adventures I earned an Industrial Design degree at Art Center College of Design in California.  This background gives me a unique perspective in evaluating and developing products that we use everyday. I’m currently designing my dream car at Alfa Romeo in Turin, Italy.

Little did I know how two of those pursuits would define my life. I happened to clip into my first race skis and SPD pedals when I was 11 years old.  I would go on become a promising young ski racer, skiing all over the country under the legendary Austrian coach Erich Sailer at Buck Hill. Later I would later become a coach myself working for Erich and giving back to community that gave me so much. Cycling was a constant in my life and as my ski racing career ended cycling took its place. Now cycling is spliced into my DNA, an extension of my being and everything I represent.

As the outdoors took hold of me at an early age, so did creative pursuits. Photography and the outdoors are intrinsically linked to who I am. My father was a photographer so I was determined to follow in his footsteps. At age 12 I was already shooting with my own SLR camera and developing the film. I vividly remember waking up with him before dawn to catch the first rays of light emerge over mountain vistas. Photography has now become a tool, one of many, that I use to help share my adventures.

Fast forward to age 28 and I haven’t stopped, pursuing adventures around the globe. Constantly in motion, I’ve lived somewhere new every eight months for a decade. When I’m not traveling I’ve called Minneapolis, Detroit, Los Angeles, Savannah, Barcelona, Torino, and Paris home. A bicycle has been constant, my best friend, always there from Minneapolis to Torino. It keeps me sane, it keeps me fit, it helps me explore the world around me, my physical limits and my metal capacity. It is a vehicle of pain and suffering, joy and accomplishment. Cycling is mediation for me, more spiritual than any preacher on the pulpit.   DCIM100GOPRO

So I hope you enjoy this blog, I’ve got some big plans for 2017 stay tuned for updates- David Fischer



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