Ride Report: The rest of Bishop area climbs

After Lake Sabrina In consecutive days I climbed Pine Creek Road(7,700), Rock Creek Road(10,400) and 168 to White Mtn Road (10,000). I don’t have the time to give you a full writeup, but I enjoyed all these rides. Each had their own Character.

Pine creek was short but sweet. Following the creek up to a beautiful valley busting with colors, I again found the road mostly straight with even grades to slowly grind my way up. The decent was incredible, fast and smooth with some beautiful curves that I hadn’t noticed on the climb. The only hazard was the deer; either running along side me in the ditch or creating a slalom course for me at stupid speeds.

Rock Creek was exciting simply for being the highest road in California. In the last few miles you’ll find a fun sprint to the trailhead on a single lane road. Although not a pretty as Pine Creek it was certainly nice. Midway down the decent down I lost a contact lens. I could see it shrivel as the cold alpine air fused it to the inside of my sunglasses. Finishing the rest of the ride half blind and with limited depth perception I didn’t even see the holes in the road coming. Thank god I didn’t crash and I’m super impressed I got away without getting any flats.

The 168 leaving Lone Pine was brutally steep and unbearably hot. Gone were the fall colors and cool alpine air, this was in the desert. While the lack of scenery left something to be desired the road itself was the most interesting of my rides. Like a roller coaster track it had long fast straightaways with stomach turning transitions and tricky, sand filled corners. Stressful yes, but what a blast! I hit a personal record of 55mph and was grateful for disc brakes on this one.

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