corsica preview

I still haven’t unpacked from my trip to Corsica but I thought I’d share with you some shots. Video and stories will be up soon, not this weekend though as I’m going to watch the Paris Roubiax tomorrow!




  1. bravo bambino!
    congratulation bambinito! nice trip!


  2. Great video compilation of your travel around Corsica. Very captivating with good choice of music.
    What was your criteria with the choice of bike and did it perform to your liking?

  3. Thanks for the compliments Rick!

    I’ve been living many different places recently and one of the hardest things was deciding which bike to bring with me. I couldn’t travel with both a mountain bike and a road bike. And, for example, I brought my full suspension mountain bike with me to Italy. While the riding the alps was incredible, I couldn’t help but miss riding road bikes, especially when a group ride or touring bikes whizzed by me. So there wasn’t a right answer for me, until I got the Viaje.

    Versatility, was a key characteristic for me. So was liveliness, I ride bikes to have fun. While comfort seems a big selling point for this bike, I’m young and fresh so I wasn’t looking for a comfortable bike, it is however appreciated on the long rides.

    Enter the Viaje, I’m able to do 80% of the mountian biking I like to do with the 42mm mtb tires, and the next day I can toss on 23mm tires and go for a road ride. Better yet It is a fantastic light touring bike. It performs above my expectations in versatility.

    And I find it a really lively ride, just really fun rip around on no matter the terrain, and just begs to be pushed harder, especially on smooth fireroads/singletrack. It’s stable loaded with gear on a tour, nimble on techy off road descents and descends great on alpine roads.

    This is my one bike at the moment and I couldn’t be happier! I’m still left wanting a nice all mountain bike, something with 5 inches of travel for technical trails and gnarly singletrack. And if I get more competitive I’d like a racing bike to do crits on. But for just getting out there and riding it’s hard to beat the Viaje.

  4. Thanks David,
    That summary will sell loads of bikes for Volagi. Me included. Unfortunately for me I would have to buy sight unseen without a dealer here but they tick all the boxes for me as you have mentioned. Anything else would be a compromise.
    If you don’t mind me asking… Your frame sizing/ height?
    Is there anything you would change?
    Again, love the video. I’ve watched it a few times now and my daughter is inspired to bike tour (although a tent might be out of the question for her).

  5. You’re welcome, I glad i could help! While i don’t even bring a tent on my trips (a bivy does just fine) you and you’re daughter can always stay in hotels along the way!

    If you have your mind set on a Viaje, try calling/emailing Volagi and I’m sure they could help you find the right size.

    Also go the competitive cyclist fit calculator, this should give you a good idea of your measurements, and you can compare it to the geometry listed on Volagi’s website. You can also cross reference your geometry provided on the fit calculator to bikes you can find in you’re area that have similar geometry to the Viaje. This is a primitive way of seeing what you like.

    In my opinion getting the frame the right size is pretty easy, it’s all the micro adjustments post purchase (regardless whether you bought it from a local shop or online) that take the most time and yield the best results.

    I’m a little over 5’7″ and ride the 53cm Frame with a 90º stem. no toe overlap until i bust out the 42mm tires and even then it’s slight. Also no problems with heel clearance and panniers, size 42 shoe.

    CC bike fit calculator:

    Viaje Geo: go to bottom of page and click on geometry

    • Hello David,

      I cannot believe my luck. I had previously tried to get in contact with the Aussie distributor, Drew Johnson but never got a reply and that was because of old data on the Volagi site.
      Then I found out he has become active with the distribution of frames, forks and wheels. This weekend gone there was a little bike expo in Melbourne and he had some built bikes showing in conjunction with Yakima rack systems. But, he wasn’t listed in the traders list so it was a surprise.
      In talking with Drew he filled all queries and advised sizes, components, wheels, tyres and heaps of other things too.
      In the end I ordered a frame, size 55 (5’9″ tall) with XL wheels, Red and should have it at my Favourite bike shop in a couple of days to complete the build.
      I couldn’t be happier.
      Again, thank you for your correspondence and sharing your video.
      Best regards,

      • Rick-

        Congrats! Sounds like a great build, what gruppo are you going to run?

        I’ve been happy with the xl wheels and I’ve put them through the wringer. I’d love another lighter set that I can keep my road tires on so I don’t have to change tires to much :p

  6. I’ve based mine on the Sram apex build with an X9 type 2 derailleur and 12-36 cluster. FSA compact with a ceramic bottom bracket. The dealer couldn’t get a regular one with their suppliers.
    TRP HyRd brakes are going on when they arrive and 32mm Vittoria Randonneur Hyper tires.
    The beauty with this bike is its versatility and it will almost do it all.
    I have a 600K brevet this week end and with any luck the Viaje will have its debut.
    I had to toss a coin for the colour between red or cream. Blue, hmm. In the end the dynamic of red was more appealing although the dealer said the cream outsells the red and blue put together.
    Thanks again Dave. I’ll get some photos off when its finished.
    Best regards,

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