walking tired

Alone. Fourth week in the Khumbu Valley and exhausted after climbing, It was time to head down.

Wet, cloudy, the world was melancholy as I gradually descended from 16,000 feet through the mist. The great Himalayas revealing themselves through the fog, my overloaded pack feels lighter under their weight.

The only other soul on the trail that day, sometimes to go down, we must go up.

Out of food and out of money I skipped lunch, finding a snickers bar for an outrageous sum from a teahouse. imagining a group of beautiful Swedish trekkers in a teahouse waiting for me.

But village was empty with the exception of my new friend and her mother, who provided a room and many servings of dal bhat.

Careful not to entice the red flagged yak on the way to my room.

I awoke the next morning only one day from Lukla, Chang (Nepali moonshine), and unsuspecting friends.

one day in Nepal

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