chasing demons

Some friends and I were grinding up the Wilson Toll Road. A long, painful, 4,000+ foot climb. Mike was pulling ahead and leaving us behind, I said “I’m going to chase the demon”. “Just remember your chasing your own demons too” my friend replied.

God how true that is. I’ve always used sports to burn off the problems of the day. Somehow reducing life to this very moment, and having a singular focus frees my mind and body. That moment in a no fall zone while climbing, when your brain is screaming “stop it, go down, what if…” and you reply “fuck you brain” and nail the crux. Without thinking, fear, or hesitation, just clarity and focus.

In cycling it’s a long drawn out affair  You have to slowly confront the pain, live with it, accept it and push through to nirvana. In the beginning of the ride I’m thinking about everything but the moment. When I finish it’s blissful, the pain is all encompassing leaving no space for the distractions of the day. I’m left with just me, in the moment, out of breath but happy.

Today I had some demons, and crushed my personal record up to the saddle on Brown mtn trail, by 15 min. Shut up legs.



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