alley cat!

TORINO, ITALY. 4:30 AM: with 30 min of sleep we rolled to the start of the race. While normally the city would be asleep at this hour it was full of people coming home from the bars and clubs. As the sun rose over us we started with a bang. Like a monstertruck in a F1 race I thundered along race bikes on my full suspension mtb,  trying to hold the pace. Ready Set Go!

and yes, that’s me sleeping in the end 🙂

Categories: JOURNEYS


  1. man! It’s me riding as hard as I can at 1:06 and 1:24… and well, I was even so lucky to win the race! what a nice memories! I remember of you, a friend of Giulio the designer, true?

  2. Reblogged this on riky76omnium and commented:
    per caso arrivo (tramite @strava) su di un blog e che trovo, la #Torino #Velocity n°1 – 2012, gran bei ricordi!

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