new point of view

We often view our lives with tunnel vision. Busy in the hustle of everyday life we fail to notice the amazing wonders around us. I’ve found by simply driving a different road to work or striking up a conversation with the barista at the cafe your whole path can alter that day. It’s a matter of viewing life from a different point of view.

As I was wondering the streets of Mumbai late one night I came across what I presume is a father and his children sleeping on the side walk. This scene captivated me and I had to see it from another perspective.  They way in which they sprawled out seemed to unite them into one.

I quietly I climbed up the lamppost they lay under and with one hand  hung from the top like a monkey. Clutching the camera  in one hand and the lampost with the other I captured this scene.

The photo it’s self is not great, but the story, and the questions It leaves I enjoy.

Did you noticie there are  points on the pavers and three persons?


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